Hi! I'm Esteban

A freelance videographer, editor, writer, web designer, and all-around human swiss army knife.

And I'd like to make cool stuff for you!

Quarter On A Ledge Series

Canon T2i / Adobe CS 5 / Various Equipment

The Last Arcades In America

A short-form documentary series focused around the last arcades/game-centers left in America. Profiling long standing institutions such as Eight On The Break to newer arcades like Yestercades, the objective is to tell a story within a six minute time limit.

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Adobe CS 5 / HTML / CSS / Wordpress

IT Recruiting and Staffing Firm

Comrise needed a new website to represent a rebranding they were going through. From creating the initial design in Photoshop, to adding Wordpress functionality, I completed the project in conjunction with Comrise to meet a quick two month deadline.

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Comrise Testimonial Series

Canon T2i / Adobe CS 5 / Various Equipment

Adding Character To Excellence

To go along with their rebranding, Comrise wanted to film testimonials featuring their employees in order to add a more personal touch. Using my own equipment such as a Canon T2i and Zoom H4N recorder, I directed, shot, and edited testimonials to meet a strict two-day deadline.

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About Me

I'm a bit of a dreamer, armed with an imagination that has a mind of its own. Whether it's producing documentaries, new websites from scratch, or whatever multimedia needs you desire, I won't rest until the job is done.

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